I can make good copy great; I can make sloppy and rushed copy correct.  My copy editing and proofreading services have been the saviour of many a book, ad, website and brochure since I first put red pen to paper in 1998.

the difference between copy editing and proofreading

Copy editing and proofreading are similar, with plenty of overlap, but they differ in important ways.

Copy editing

The key art of the copy editor is to interpret meaning and context from the writer’s work and make difficult sentences flow and become more readable. But the editor will also be looking at the bigger picture, and can advise on major changes to work when it’s struggling to get its message across.

Proofreading is part of the copy editor’s trade.


Proofreading is essentially a quality control operation. It requires some editing skills but also the ability to recognise and spot errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and typography. However, the proofreader will naturally be looking for omissions and oversights that would normally be the domain of the copy editor.

… but they are interchangeable

Most people think proofreading and copy editing are the same thing, so both proofreaders and copy editors have to take this into account when clients are requesting the services. After all, our job is to make content understandable to its readership, not to enforce “correctness”.